The construction or the rehabilitation of a golf course is part art and part implementing best management construction practices. Choosing the best golf course construction company is critical for the successful and satisfactory completion of the tasks at hand. Let’s discuss three tips to consider when choosing golf course construction companies.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Golf Course Construction Companies

1. Previous Work and References: It is important to check out the golf course construction companies’ work for quality and completeness. Make sure to note if the previous work is similar to what you are currently looking for. Ask about the company’s safety record and how any accidents were addressed. Keep in mind golf course construction companies with a history of construction related accidents are probably not following best construction practices.

2. Insurance and Licensing: Check to make sure the golf course construction companies in question carry the proper insurance and licensing. Both elements offer protection to the client, as well as the contractor. Proper insurance protects the company and you, the client, in the form of financial compensation in the event of an unforeseen incident such as an accident or damage to your property during the construction process.  Proper licensing means the company is a legally established company will have a measure of knowledge in good construction practices.

3. Communication Skills: Optimum golf course construction companies will possess good communication skills. They will be able to communicate effectively both verbally and written. They will provide bids, contracts and other means of communication in writing and as a follow-up to a verbal conversation.

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