What is Golf Course Shaping and Why Does It Matter?

You may be sold on golf course shaping, and you may not. For those of you who aren’t sure about it, here are some of the best things we can think of about this feature.

What is Golf Course Shaping and Why Does It Matter?

A golf course Shaper is the second step of bringing a golf course to life. They are the ones who take the designs or plans from the architect and bring them into full realization. Once the Shaper has finished his or her work, you can see the course in front of you. You’re no longer limited to viewing digital images, sketches or blueprints. It’s almost the way the golfers will see it in the future.

Shapers are more artists than simple dozer operators. They form and mold the terrain into the shapes you decided in the initial planning stages, as relayed by the architect. Using the bulldozer as an extension of their hands, they help you achieve the desired effect of the course.

If an architect serves the same purpose designing a house as they do a golf course, and the landscaping crew might be compared to the interior design, then the Shaper would be the builder. He or she works from the ground up to create the lines and curves of the course. A Shaper is instrumental in taking your course from the plans to the real world.

A good Shaper is as vital to the construction process as the architect. He or she must be skilled with different soils, terrains, and foreign cultures. On top of that, our Shapers at Fusion golf are also adept at adapting to any conditions or situations that might arise during the shaping process.

Our Shapers are reliable, dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to shape the golf course as you see fit.

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