Choosing a Golf Course Renovation Contractor

Golf courses are subject to renovation from time to time whether it is from everyday wear and tear, repairing damage from weather related activity or just to maximize the golfing experience. Renovating a golf course is half art form and part construction specialty and it is important to choose the right contractor. Let’s discuss 2 tips to choosing the right golf course renovation contractor.Choosing a Golf Course Renovation Contractor

1. Licensing and Insurance

It is essential the golf course renovation contractor carries the appropriate licensing and insurance. Licensing offers the client a certain level of professionalism and demonstrates the contractor has the necessary know-how and expertise to perform the tasks involved.

Insurance is the safety net that protects both contractor and client if an unforeseen circumstance causes damage to the property, injury to the golf course renovation contractor or causes the work to be delayed.

2. Experience and References

Always check the contractor’s experience in golf course renovation. A contractor with experience under their hard hats have already worked through most of the challenges and obstacles a renovation project will bring and they will be better equipped to solves those issues as they come along. It is helpful for the client to check out references and customer testimonials. Always ask past customers if the contractor met their expectations and performed the tasks in a timely manner.

At Fusion Golf, we understand the art that goes into the overall golf course design and construction and the necessary renovation that will inevitably occur. Golf courses are about the challenge of the game and magnificent views and layout of the course.

For more information about golf course renovation, please contact us at Fusion Golf and let our experts answer your questions, address your concerns and guide you through the renovation process.