10 Feb 2017

Golf Course Bunker Construction and Maintenance for Better Drainage

Golf Course Bunker Construction and Maintenance for Better DrainageA golf course bunker is a hazard that is a prepared area along to course to provide challenges for the golfer, as well as to provide beauty to the course. Bunkers often receive an inordinate amount of attention at most golf courses, as they tend to be areas more prone to wear and erosion than other aspects of the course to keep those areas from becoming a detriment to course play.

Let’s discuss the importance of golf course bunker construction and maintenance to minimize erosion.

It is necessary to construct golf course bunkers properly to provide the golfer with challenges to the skill level of the golfer. It is important to provide the necessary maintenance to allow for consistency in play as much as possible and to prevent the bunker areas from taking on a worn look or experiencing deterioration.

When designing and constructing golf course bunkers it is important to keep in mind the amount of maintenance necessary to keep the bunker in top condition, as well as the skill level of the golfer. Poorly draining bunkers often require more maintenance as those areas usually have to be drained after a rain storm to prevent the area from collapsing. In addition to constructing bunkers that drain well, the areas surrounding the bunker should also divert surface runoff away from the bunker to help minimize erosion.

For more information about golf course bunker construction, please contact us and let our team of construction experts answer your questions, address your concerns and guide you through the construction and maintenance process.

09 Feb 2017

Fusion Golf LTD is attending the 2017 Golf Industry Show

The Golf Industry Show is an innovative trade show in Orlando, Florida. This tradeshow is designed for owners and operators of golf facilities and golf course management professionals. Featuring the largest exhibit floor in the industry, the event combines education, networking and solutions for golf course superintendents, equipment managers, owners/operators, general managers, chief operating officers, and architects and builders from around the world. Click here to learn more.

Fusion Golf LTD is attending the 2017 Golf Industry Show