27 Mar 2017

Golf Course Construction Makes it All Work

No two golf courses are the same, that’s one of the many alluring aspects of the game. Every course has different challenges and requires different approaches. Some courses run long and are rather straight, while others can be considerably shorter but perhaps much more difficult because of the course design. Golf course designers put a great deal of time and effort into that design. They contemplate hazards, dog-leg holes and a myriad of other possibilities when planning how they want a particular golf course to play.

Golf Course Construction Makes it All Work

All of that planning and design, however, is rather meaningless without a golf course construction team that can make it a reality.  Even a redesign or change to a golf course can make a course play and feel entirely different. It is also quite possible to ruin the luster and feel of a golf course when shoddy work is done when the best golf course construction isn’t utilized.

It could be a purely cosmetic change, like adding a walking bridge or a practical change such as remapping a cart path. Finding a course construction company that can handle everything from new course construction to those smaller construction projects is a nice luxury. Having a company that is proven, experienced and reliable too is why you should contact us to see all we have done and can do.

Golf course construction isn’t inexpensive, and it is far too expensive to not have it done right the first time. You bring your ideas, your design or plans and we make them a reality. No two golf courses are the same, and not all golf courses are created equal either. The right design combined with the right golf course construction team equate to an end result that is far better than par!

22 Mar 2017

Fusion Golf LTD Expands Concrete Division With Albert Lopez

To bolster Fusion Golf’s presence in the industry, Fusion Golf LTD has committed to expanding their concrete division by bringing industry renown Albert Lopez on board to head up the concrete division.

Albert has over 40 years of experience in the concrete industry and is known for his perfection of “rolled curb” and the quality of work he produces. With his extensive worldwide experience, he has installed and mastered the creative installation and use of strip drains, cart path drains and catch basins into his paths.

Whether matching finishes such as, broomed, exposed aggregates, stamping or staining, or creating solutions to mitigate existing issues Fusion can help with any of your concrete needs.

Fusion Golf LTD Expands Concrete Division Fusion Golf LTD Expands Concrete Division Fusion Golf LTD Expands Concrete Division Fusion Golf LTD Expands Concrete Division Fusion Golf LTD Expands Concrete Division Fusion Golf LTD Expands Concrete Division

10 Mar 2017

Investing In Your Course: The Best Method For Membership Increase

Whether you are a novice, a casual golfer, or a pro who hits the green with religious weekly dedication you will want the experience only a fun and functional golf course can provide. A course that is lackluster or poorly maintained can leave any golfer feeling underwhelmed and decrease their likelihood of becoming a repeat visitor.

Investing In Your Course: The Best Method For Membership Increase

Most golf clubs, public, semi-private, and private alike rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing for new client accrual to boost profitability. If those traversing a golf course don’t have good things to say about the flow, the level of difficulty, or the aesthetic quality you can bet they will search elsewhere for a more satisfactory golfing experience taking their putting buddies along with them. Contrariwise, if a golf course is well landscaped and impeccably mapped out, with a nice balance of sport and therapeutic ambiance, golfers will flock to it in droves.

Investing in the quality of a golf course up front is the best method for membership increases and positive reviews and referrals. The most successful golf courses focus on innovation, quality landscape, and an efficient layout to make that 9 or 18-hole game as enjoyable as possible. When the effort to satisfy one’s current client base is evident in the elements and upkeep of a golf course, a wider customer base is sure to follow.

If your golf course could use a renovation or you would like more information on constructing one please contact us today.

01 Mar 2017

Golf Course Bridge Construction and the Environment

A golf course bridge facilitates pedestrian and golf cart traffic as well as emergency and maintenance vehicles. The structures sometimes serve to accommodate utility equipment including lighting.

Golf Course Bridge Construction and the Environment


Golf course bridge construction must also serve to protect the environment such as waterways and vegetation associated with wetlands and areas of critical environmental concern. At one time, golf course bridges often impeded water flow and it became necessary to replace existing bridges. Today, it is necessary to incorporate golf course bridge construction that also protects the environment.

Before choosing a particular bridge design or even the location of the structure, it is essential to determine the function of the bridge. In addition to facilitating pedestrian and vehicular traffic, it is important to determine if a bridge is necessary to span an area that is environmentally protected or it is an area with sensitive grading issues.

In addition to choosing the right bridge to meet the needs and goals of the design, it is also important the golf course bridge construction contractor employs the necessary equipment and expertise to perform the tasks without damaging areas subject to environmental protection.

The golf course bridge construction contractor must be up to date with their knowledge of the regulations and laws regulating such construction, including permit applications, inspections and the construction and clean-up process.

For more information about golf course bridge construction, please contact us and let our team of design and construction experts answer your questions, address your concerns and guide you through the process.