Two Important Elements for a Golf Course Construction Contractor

Building a golf course is a complex process from choosing the site to choosing the golf course architect to choosing the golf course construction contractor. Since the contractor will be responsible for the final product, it is important to choose a contractor that has the necessary experience and knows it is essential to pay attention to detail. The contractor is often part of the overall design and construction team and must work well with others.Two Important Elements for a Golf Course Construction Contractor

Let’s discuss two of the important aspects of golf course construction.

1. Golf course construction is part construction project and part art form. The contractor not only has to have the ability to perform the necessary construction tasks, but the vision to translate the 2D plan to 3D reality. A golf course is a combination of elevation changes, contouring and shaping with the addition of water and other hazards and landscaping to create a playable, but challenging course. The construction aspect has to make all the elements work together to create a golf course that players will enjoy and want to revisit.

2. The golf course construction contractor must possess the necessary experience in site preparation and construction including site clearing, excavation and backfilling and grading and drainage. It is essential the contractor of choice have the necessary equipment to complete each task in a timely manner without damaging adjacent areas. The contractor should also be well versed in municipal, state and federal regulations and laws that regulate such construction.

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