16 May 2017

Willow Fork Country Club Will Undergo A Complete Bunker Renovation

Willow Fork Country Club in Katy, Texas will undergo a complete bunker renovation this spring. Willow Fork Country Club offers a beautiful picturesque backdrop, the renovation to the course and its bunkers will not only provide an immense aesthetic value but bring a far more superior playability to the course. Thus, offering a challenge to members of all skill levels.

Fusion Golf LTD will begin the construction of 18 hole bunker renovation. As part of the renovation, bunkers will be mapped using Ensight. A 3D technology mapping company that will provide accurate measurements of the bunkers square footage by creating a 3d surface map of the bunker floors. Thus, minimizing material waste and helping provide accurate budgeting information for the ownership group. The renovations scope includes the reshaping of existing bunkers, installation of new drainage, bunker liner and bunker sand. The sand will be provided by Texas Sports Sands. The bunkers will be rebuilt incorporating a drainage and liner system provided by Zline Bunker Systems the lining method increases the speed at which water flows through the sand and over the lining, minimizing washouts and contamination while reducing maintenance costs and producing superior consistency. The bunker renovation commences mid-May and is scheduled to be completed by mid-September 2017.

“This bunker renovation is a part of our continuous effort to deliver excellent playing conditions and our commitment to our members.” said Randy Jones, Senior Vice President of CBIGG Management.

Willow Fork Country Club in Katy, Texas


05 May 2017

Golf Course Restoration Projects

Fusion Golf, LTD is an international golf construction company that offers a full range of renovation services to restore and improve golf courses. Our well-educated and knowledgeable team provides a straightforward path to designing, building, improving, owning, and managing golf courses. They know the latest trends in design, how to obtain environmentally friendly and local building materials, and are very efficient and personal about projects they accept.

Golf Course Restoration Projects

Two main reasons why people hire Fusion Golf, LTD are to please new ownership of older golf courses with new designs and restoration of paths, bunkers, and bridges over water elements, and to restore golf courses after natural disasters which need reshaping and restoration to original or a complete redesign after such destruction. New ownership wants a dream golf course: one that will attract leagues and tournaments, one that will win awards, and one featured on the cover of golf magazines. Natural disasters often dash the dreams of golf course owners, but the land is never lost. The land just needs re-imagination and if one looks on the bright side, a disaster allows for a new dream golf course creation. Golf courses susceptible to hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, floods or fires frequently endure damaged beyond simple repair. Land drastically changes during these events. Golf courses efficiently renovated with little recovery time quickly return to enjoying the good golfing life while retaining loyal golfers and gaining new golfers.

Another reason to hire Fusion Golf to add water features such as waterfalls, fountains, or ponds and streams and other obstacles to your golf course. No project is too small. For restoration of cart paths, we can roll curbs to protect greens and fairways, and add strip drains to keep them puddle free to reduce maintenance on your golf carts and golfer’s shoes. Tee-leveling, bunker renovation or addition, and bridge construction are popular reasons why golf courses keep us in mind for all kinds of projects year-round.

Are you restoring or planning a new golf course in your community? Contact us first to save money with the one-stop custom-designed dream golf course shop. You tell us your golf course dream that repeats in your head every night of your life. We will creatively design your dream on paper and on the screen and then construct it in reality; we will renovate it and restore it as it ages; add to it according to your changing dream’s whim and improve it whenever that whim strikes you in your sleep; and even completely redesign it when a natural disaster strikes your land. All you need to do is maintain it.