27 Jun 2019

Steps for Sand Bunker Renovation (Part One)

Eventually, every golf course owner faces the need to rebuild or renovate their course. When this happens the managers of the course need to decide whether or not the existing bunkers are still doing their job according to USGA guidelines. The sand bunker renovations should adhere to their guidelines as well. Is their sand contaminated? Has the construction deteriorated to a significant degree? Do they have proper drainage? This evaluation of the bunkers is a vital preparatory step.

Steps for Sand Bunker Renovation (Part One)

Contact Your Architect

Before taking into serious consideration any sand bunker renovations you have in mind, it is wise to involve your primary architect in the project. There aren’t many superintendents who can craft bunkers with the same skill as your architect. Their artful execution of bunker design is one of the main factors that can drive golfers to choose your course. An experienced architect knows how to balance the artistic aspects with player challenge level. Make sure your bunker designs are up to date, or other courses may begin to look more appealing to golfers.

Remove the Sand and Identify the Bunker Edges

Sand can become contaminated over time, and old sand can look unappealing. The sand and other material must be removed before the bunker edge can be identified, as it is possible for soil and other matter to obscure them. By probing and digging, the original bunker edge can be found, sometimes a few feet away from the current edge.

Dig to Restore the Original Shape

Use a mechanical loader to dig the bunker back to it’s original shape. Greens side bunkers tend to accumulate sand on the green due to shots towards the cup from the sand. Take the section of green down to its original level. This will keep the edge of the bunker edge from decaying. The sod and soil may need replacement around the edge during this step.

Contact us at Fusion Golf for all of your golf course construction and renovation needs. Read part two of this article set for the remaining steps for sand bunker renovation.

14 Jun 2019

Benefits of Bunker Renovation

Although sand bunkers are not the ideal place to be hitting from, they are a key feature of golf courses and need treatment as such. Bunkers are affected through usage, weather conditions and contamination; causing loss of contoured edges and create drainage problems. On any course, bunker renovation will have to occur. By proper course maintenance, a renovation will give your guest consistency in their game and make your course memorable. Here are some benefits of undergoing bunker renovation:

Benefits of Bunker Renovation

Regaining original shape of a bunker: Bunkers that are shallow and designed to give easier visibility for guests will be more acceptable to erosion than deeper bunks. By regaining the bunkers original shape and deeper depth, it gives your course a professional clean look that complements the rest of the fairway.

Creating a new look for a bunker: Familiarity is desirable when revisiting a golf course. But a new design of a previous bunker will keep the golf course looking modern and give your guest something new to admire when revisiting your course.

Proper drainage: During the rainy season, proper drainage will protect your bunker from washouts and further erosion. Over time, lack of drainage will be the main contributor to bunker deterioration and contamination. This can lead to many hours of shoveling sand into the bunker, attempting to prolong further erosion. Proper bunker renovation will give your sandbox adequate drainage. Preventing further labor and bunker erosion.

Coloring of sand: Over time, weather and usage will create discoloration of the original bunker. This will affect the bunkers appearance and start giving signs of aging to your beautiful course. Existing bunker-sand will need cleaning of contaminants. While new sand will need integrating into the bunker during a renovation. Giving your course a younger look!

There are many benefits of bunker renovations, affecting both the beautiful features of your course as well as the playability. Considering bunker renovation will help bring a fresh look to your course as well as help with ongoing course maintenance issues. Please contact our staff at Fusion Golf and let us help you with your renovation needs.