10 Oct 2017

When Does a Bunker Require Renovation?

Although sand bunkers only take up about a small portion of your course, they take up a large chunk of resources to maintain. However, a course without bunkers isn’t really a course at all, but you can cut down on the manpower it takes to keep up with maintenance through a bunker renovation. Yet, when does a bunker require renovation?

When Does a Bunker Require Renovation?

One of the largest factors in deciding if and when a bunker needs a renovation is its location. Does it get a lot of traffic? If it does, this causes it to have a shorter life cycle than other bunkers with owners having to clean out contaminated sand near every five years. Furthermore, it is not just sand that needs to be considered, you need to check to make sure there isn’t a build-up of silt in the drainage lines or contamination in the stone backfilling. Any of these can cause the bunker to retain water and in general look a little less than stellar.

While an ugly looking bunker is a reason enough to decide to renovate, there is one sign that you cannot put off and that is eroding edges. Bunkers tend to expand over time where the sand encroaches and it can start to warp the profile. While this can make it somewhat dangerous to walk near for golfers, it can also affect your green, and a patchy green is a very last thing you want. This is why bunkers should be renovated, at most, every ten years. No matter how diligent your maintenance team is, bunkers deteriorate, it is just what happens.

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27 Sep 2017

Fusion Golf: Golf Course Design

Fusion Golf has successfully taken the sting out of the intimidating words, “golf course design.” Golf course designing is not for the faint of heart and luckily, Fusion Golf has you covered.

Fusion Golf: Golf Course Design

One way Fusion Golf puts their client’s minds at ease is by having a team of experts with diversified backgrounds and years of experience.

For example, Casey Jones, one of the founder’s of Fusion Golf, is the epitome of an experienced worker in the golf course design world. He has traveled to, “Germany, Italy, Tunisia, Portugal, China, Singapore, Bulgaria and Costa Rica “fine-tuning” his skills and becoming the master designer he is today. He has 15+ years of experience and started his career working construction and golf course grounds crew maintenance.

Fusion Golf also has an outstanding lineup of other products that make any good golf course become a great one. From Tee Leveling to Shaping Fusion golf can build a golf course from the ground up and put the finishing touches on it.

At the end of the day, every superintendent and pro shop manager just want their course to be played. While, golfers will only play a course if it’s in good shape, challenging, and fun. Fusion Golf has created a precise set of products that will allow for both parties to get what they want. The products, along with their expert team, allows Fusion Golf to deliver exactly what every client is looking for.

Contact us and see how Fusion Golf can take your design ideas to the next level!

14 Sep 2017

When Tragedy Strikes: Golf Course Natural Disaster Restoration

Golfing, over the years, has become more and more of a precision sport. To keep players coming back, this means maintaining smooth surfaces, creating enticing bunkers, and keeping level trees (to name a few). With this exacting level of consideration, losing a course to a storm (whether it is a hurricane, tropical storm, or flooding) is devastating to not only the course but the community as a whole. In a matter of hours, years of care and hard work is gone. Rebuilding is good for not only the economics of a neighborhood, but also it’s moral.

When Tragedy Strikes: golf course natural disaster restoration

Since many golf courses proudly supply some of the best real estate surrounding them, the course acts as not only a business but also an elaborate extension of landscaping for these homes. As a result, the design needs to be functional for the course, but absolutely beautiful as a backyard. And the work should be completed as quickly as possible.

This is no easy task. Imagine watching years of old-growth get uprooted in such a rapid and unexpected window of time. There will be not only debris clean-up and removal but also rebuilding and replanting. All of this must be done with the goal of providing as much of the same feel as the course that is being replaced. Fusion Golf LTD understands this.

It may be an opportunity to change the play and feel of a course or replace it exactly as-is. The main goal is to use as much technology as possible to do this quickly and efficiently. For example, using laser controlled automated grading machines, renovated bunker technology, and hydroseeding to speed up the process and maintain that precision. Using a mix of saplings and relocated, larger trees can create the illusion of an older course as the newer trees catch up. Whatever effect you are trying to achieve, Fusion Golf LTD is here to help restore your golf course as the community symbol and economic gem it is. Contact us, today, for more information!

13 Sep 2017

Golf Course Cart Path Specialists

Our team of experienced cart path constructors offer exceptional concrete construction and results.

Whether you need rolled curbing, block curbing, our team has the ability to build to your needs.

We offer products that will give you years of service and add to the beauty of your course by maintaining a dedicated path system for golfers and maintenance personnel as well. https://www.fusiongcm.com/services/cart-path-construction/

13 Jul 2017

Voyage Houston: Meet Casey Jones of Fusion Golf

Today we’d like to introduce you to Casey Jones.

My career started as a combination of my parents’ career paths. My mother was a golf course maintenance assistant superintendent while my father was in the heavy earthwork construction industry. I spent a couple years in my late teens working at a golf course which I loved then found interest in the construction industry and began operating heavy equipment in our family owned construction business.

Fate should have it shortly thereafter our company was hired to do construction work on a golf course in Newport Beach California that was being constructed. Soon after I became very interested in golf course construction and began watching how the shapers did their work closely. Fortunately the golf course contractor was kind enough to hire me after we had completed our obligations and gave me the opportunity to learn how to shape.

Voyage Houston: Meet Casey Jones of Fusion Golf

I then began the journey that led me to where I am today. I was fortunate to be very naturally talented operating equipment and quickly honed my skill as a shaper while traveling throughout the United States, West Coast to East Coast and many stops in between, while working for industry leading golf course construction companies throughout the United States.

In 1998 I was invited by a golf course designer that I had worked for to break off and start free lancing internationally, which led me to Indonesia on my first venture outside the United States. A very eye opening experience to the world outside of the United States. I formed my first company, Jones Shaping Enterprises and my career quickly escalated and I began traveling the globe for a period of 12 years between 2000-2012. My talents led me to destinations including Germany, Italy, Tunisia, Portugal, China, Singapore, Bulgaria and Costa Rica.

During this time, I would assemble teams that would travel with me and we would work for private owners supplying the vital key personal that specialized in building golf courses. As we went project to project the need for qualified people grew and we started running multiple projects in multiple locations which led to the forming of Fusion Golf.

In 2012 we relocated to Texas due to the resurgence of golf course work within the United Stated as the economy began to recover from the economic crisis. Glad to be back working steadily once again coast to coast in the USA.

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03 Jul 2017

Fusion Golf: Laser Tee Leveling

Fusion Golf: Laser Tee Leveling

You only have one chance to make a good first impression in life and in golf. When a golfer arrives at the first hole and sets their bag down, the first thing they will notice is the tee box. The fresh-cut grass, the distance between the tee markers, and most importantly a level, smooth, tee surface. Help your golf course make that memorable first impression on every hole with golf course tee leveling from Fusion Golf.

There are different types of tee leveling but the one that stands out is from Fusion Golf. They have replaced the outdated methods of I-beams and concrete forms with laser controlled grading machines. Most notably this new process cuts the time per tee box down significantly. “A skilled laser operator can level an average-size tee in 45 to 75 minutes.”

With this procedure, the amount of time a golf course will save is tremendous! Especially when taking into consideration that the course won’t have to shut down, or golfers won’t have to play on temporary tees for very long. Fusion Golf knows that golfers, of all types, don’t like playing a course that is under severe maintenance. Because of the new system from Fusion Golf, this will lead to an overall increase in; rounds played, revenue made, and course appearance.

Having top-notch tee boxes and a better course appearance doesn’t have to be time-consuming and costly. That’s why Fusion Golf has created and perfected this great shaping method for courses of all variety. With operations in the United States and in Europe, there will be a way to help your course.

The experts at Fusion Golf LTD are here to help.  If you are looking to give an unforgettable golfing experience please contact us today.

19 Jun 2017

To Increase Memberships, Invest in your Course

These days, the competition for a golfer’s attention is growing more and more intense. Memberships are not growing at the rates that they once were and now everybody is looking for an edge over the neighboring golf course in order to grow their course memberships.

To Increase Memberships, Invest in your Course

One surefire way to gain a step on the competition is to invest in your course. Few things can turn away players quicker than a poorly maintained, or even simply outdated, golf course.

Bare fairways and pock-marked greens are not only visually unappealing, they are frustrating to play. Golf is already a difficult sport. Players would rather hit a course that is challenging by design over one that is challenging because of many flaws due to wear and tear or a poor design. Making the investment in reseeding the course, leveling greens, renovating bunkers, and maintaining course features will definitely pay off by helping to retain current members and increasing your appeal to prospective members.

Beyond maintenance, a golf course sometimes has to evolve as the sport itself does. Technological advances in equipment, improvements in techniques, and the constantly growing skill of athletes have changed the sport. A course that was designed a few decades ago may no longer challenge golfers and play will begin to feel monotonous rather than enjoyable. Once a player grows tired of a course, they will either play less frequently or find a course that brings back the fun of the game. Renovating your course to meet the needs of today’s golfers is a significant investment but is one that will greatly increase course appeal and bring membership growth. They will come to challenge themselves and grow their ability.

When looking into ways to invest in your course there is an overwhelming amount of information coming at you. The experts at Fusion Golf LTD are here to help. They can design, renovate, and advise you throughout the whole process to ensure that your investment will be worthwhile.

09 Jun 2017

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Golf Course Construction Companies

The construction or the rehabilitation of a golf course is part art and part implementing best management construction practices. Choosing the best golf course construction company is critical for the successful and satisfactory completion of the tasks at hand. Let’s discuss three tips to consider when choosing golf course construction companies.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Golf Course Construction Companies

1. Previous Work and References: It is important to check out the golf course construction companies’ work for quality and completeness. Make sure to note if the previous work is similar to what you are currently looking for. Ask about the company’s safety record and how any accidents were addressed. Keep in mind golf course construction companies with a history of construction related accidents are probably not following best construction practices.

2. Insurance and Licensing: Check to make sure the golf course construction companies in question carry the proper insurance and licensing. Both elements offer protection to the client, as well as the contractor. Proper insurance protects the company and you, the client, in the form of financial compensation in the event of an unforeseen incident such as an accident or damage to your property during the construction process.  Proper licensing means the company is a legally established company will have a measure of knowledge in good construction practices.

3. Communication Skills: Optimum golf course construction companies will possess good communication skills. They will be able to communicate effectively both verbally and written. They will provide bids, contracts and other means of communication in writing and as a follow-up to a verbal conversation.

For more information about golf course construction, please contact us.

16 May 2017

Willow Fork Country Club Will Undergo A Complete Bunker Renovation

Willow Fork Country Club in Katy, Texas will undergo a complete bunker renovation this spring. Willow Fork Country Club offers a beautiful picturesque backdrop, the renovation to the course and its bunkers will not only provide an immense aesthetic value but bring a far more superior playability to the course. Thus, offering a challenge to members of all skill levels.

Fusion Golf LTD will begin the construction of 18 hole bunker renovation. As part of the renovation, bunkers will be mapped using Ensight. A 3D technology mapping company that will provide accurate measurements of the bunkers square footage by creating a 3d surface map of the bunker floors. Thus, minimizing material waste and helping provide accurate budgeting information for the ownership group. The renovations scope includes the reshaping of existing bunkers, installation of new drainage, bunker liner and bunker sand. The sand will be provided by Texas Sports Sands. The bunkers will be rebuilt incorporating a drainage and liner system provided by Zline Bunker Systems the lining method increases the speed at which water flows through the sand and over the lining, minimizing washouts and contamination while reducing maintenance costs and producing superior consistency. The bunker renovation commences mid-May and is scheduled to be completed by mid-September 2017.

“This bunker renovation is a part of our continuous effort to deliver excellent playing conditions and our commitment to our members.” said Randy Jones, Senior Vice President of CBIGG Management.

Willow Fork Country Club in Katy, Texas


05 May 2017

Golf Course Restoration Projects

Fusion Golf, LTD is an international golf construction company that offers a full range of renovation services to restore and improve golf courses. Our well-educated and knowledgeable team provides a straightforward path to designing, building, improving, owning, and managing golf courses. They know the latest trends in design, how to obtain environmentally friendly and local building materials, and are very efficient and personal about projects they accept.

Golf Course Restoration Projects

Two main reasons why people hire Fusion Golf, LTD are to please new ownership of older golf courses with new designs and restoration of paths, bunkers, and bridges over water elements, and to restore golf courses after natural disasters which need reshaping and restoration to original or a complete redesign after such destruction. New ownership wants a dream golf course: one that will attract leagues and tournaments, one that will win awards, and one featured on the cover of golf magazines. Natural disasters often dash the dreams of golf course owners, but the land is never lost. The land just needs re-imagination and if one looks on the bright side, a disaster allows for a new dream golf course creation. Golf courses susceptible to hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, floods or fires frequently endure damaged beyond simple repair. Land drastically changes during these events. Golf courses efficiently renovated with little recovery time quickly return to enjoying the good golfing life while retaining loyal golfers and gaining new golfers.

Another reason to hire Fusion Golf to add water features such as waterfalls, fountains, or ponds and streams and other obstacles to your golf course. No project is too small. For restoration of cart paths, we can roll curbs to protect greens and fairways, and add strip drains to keep them puddle free to reduce maintenance on your golf carts and golfer’s shoes. Tee-leveling, bunker renovation or addition, and bridge construction are popular reasons why golf courses keep us in mind for all kinds of projects year-round.

Are you restoring or planning a new golf course in your community? Contact us first to save money with the one-stop custom-designed dream golf course shop. You tell us your golf course dream that repeats in your head every night of your life. We will creatively design your dream on paper and on the screen and then construct it in reality; we will renovate it and restore it as it ages; add to it according to your changing dream’s whim and improve it whenever that whim strikes you in your sleep; and even completely redesign it when a natural disaster strikes your land. All you need to do is maintain it.