If your golf course doesn’t already have cart paths, it is time to make a change since you are well behind the times. Cart paths can dramatically reduce the maintenance required for your course and can make it so golfers get where they need to go quickly. However, one of the major issues with new cart path additions is getting people to use them. You need to design a cart path so that it breaks those that use your course out of that straight line mentality which means instead of following your new or existing cart paths, they just drive straight over the grass. However, by utilizing these tips, you can create cart paths that are more likely to be used.

Designing a Cart Path to Be Used Rather Than Ignored

  • Circulation Over Concealment – While you may want cart paths to not affect the natural aesthetic, it should be a priority that people use them so they don’t ruin that natural aesthetic by running it over. The best case would be paths that provide good circulation and are concealed, but if one must be chosen, choose circulation.
  • Be as Direct as Possible – Many people will always take the most direct path, if the cart path goes out of the way to avoid something, this just invites people to take shortcuts instead of driving the path. Cutting across fairways is not preferable, but it can be necessary. So long as major landing areas are avoided, it may be best to take the most direct path so that people will actually drive it.
  • Choose Broad Curves – Once a cart is on the path, they are more likely to stay on the path unless something sudden happens, like a sharp curve taking them well away from the objective. However, if the curves are gentle, it not only keeps them on the path, but it actually will keep the path from wearing as quickly.
  • Limit Obstructions – It may be tempting to hide a cart path with earth such as passing it through valleys or with trees or shrubs, but this only creates funnels which can create traffic. Keep any obstructions far from the path, at least 15 feet, to prevent funneling.

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