Almost every golf course owner has that one area of their course, big or small, that they just don’t like. Maybe it is a little boring or doesn’t suit the course overall. However, renovation can be expensive and a major headache. You may hire architects to redesign it, but looking at the design on blueprint isn’t always as persuasive as it could be. It could leave you having a lot of second thoughts about your renovation, but there’s hope with golf course shaping.

How a Golf Course Shaping Can Make Renovation a Reality

If you have made the decision to renovate an area of your golf course or even the entire thing, a shaper’s job is to bring the architect’s blueprints to life with a bulldozer. Essentially they mold the earth like it is clay and bring the vision to life in front of your eyes. Often, golf course owners find that once they have seen a shaper’s work, they view the renovation much more positively because they can actually see the vision of the architect too.

While a shaper’s work seems very permanent, it isn’t quite so. In fact, if you see a shaper’s work following the blueprints and you don’t like it, it remains completely able to be changed. After all, it’s just dirt, you simply need to add more or reduce the amount to really change the shape. Once the landscapers have put sod down, it can be a little more difficult, but if you have issues during the shaping phase, your new course renovation is still very easy to change. It is a process very much like molding clay. It can take many shapes until hardened, or in this case, covered in grass.

If you want to learn more about the golf course renovation process, or want to take advantage of our shaping services to change a portion of your course, contact us today.