The golf cart path serves the important role of reducing cart traffic wear and tear on the course. But beyond the functional role, the properly designed and built cart path can contribute to the overall aesthetics of a golf course. Fusion Golf has the construction experience and the eye for design needed to meet both the functional and the ornamental objectives of golf cart path creation.

Golf Cart Path Construction

A Lot Goes Into Our Designs

You want a user-friendly path to keep carts from wearing down turf, yes. But, you also understand there are times and locations when carts will need to come off the path surface. This is where thoughtful path design comes into play. The point of reentry onto the path must be wide enough to accommodate a relatively large area for path return so as to eliminate the inevitable wear-and-tear on and off the path taking place in one small area. In other words, you want to spread out the impact.

We spend time getting to know each client. With solid user knowledge up front, we can plan for traffic flow that makes sense for your course. And, we can provide for the appropriate size, or menu, of path direction options. Furthermore, with your patrons in mind, we can recommend the best directional accessories (i.e. ropes, signs and other barriers), considering factors such as barrier size, maneuverability, flexibility and overall abuse (it happens).

We Go Beyond the Surface

It is not always what you see that makes the cart path a good one. As we design and construct your cart path, calling on our experience in this line of work, we’ll consider many variables including:

  • Sub-base – In most cases, the best base is going to be the native soil on your course; but, where prep work is needed, you can count on us to get the job done correctly. When preparing the sub-base, it is important that the cut and grade be appropriately constructed so as to eliminate future drainage problems. We have the expertise to steer you away from potential costly maintenance issues tied to improper water run-off.
  • Path Material – We’re going to take care to consider your concrete composite. In some cases, a little more investment upfront is warranted in order to produce a cart path beyond the standard 3000 psi strength. In some environments, for example, we’re going to recommend a lower-than-average water-to-cement ratio to boost strength. Depending on the weather, we may advise the addition of retardants or accelerants to slow down or speed up the path drying time.
  • Reinforcement – Expansive clay soil, extreme temperature variances and slopes can all dictate reinforcement. Fusion Golf helps clients weigh the pros and cons of using elements beyond fiber mesh, such as increasing pavement depth or inserting rebar.
  • Expansion and Contraction Joints – Expansion joints must be used along the cart path. They should also be used near structural elements to provide give. Fusion Golf uses strategies such as strategic placement of contraction joins to further lessen the likelihood of cracks appearing in the path. We go beyond industry minimum recommendations to design a support system that will contribute to a long cart path useful life.
  • Safety – We follow industry guidelines in order to design paths that are of adequate width and appropriate slope. What is more, when considering curves, which will contribute to overall aesthetics, we also factor in safety.
  • Curbing – Adequate curbing will protect turf, channel water run-off and discourage rogue drivers.

We Go Beyond the Standard

Desiring something besides black asphalt or white concrete? Ask us about concrete colorants. Seeking a smooth finish with functional qualities beyond the ordinary? Ask us about sealants. Is your ideal finish non-standard? We offer textural finishes to help you a create a unique look all your own.

Are you ready for thoughtful, quality golf cart path construction? Contact Fusion Golf today.