Natural disasters are a common occurrence with the constant climate changes in today’s world. There is never a good time for tragedy to strike, but we can help reduce the social and economic hardships the club might endure by creating a plan that focuses on the elements that will make you profitable again.

Houston, were here to help!

From water pumping to debris cleanup and removal we know how to start the process of bringing your course back to its playable condition. Our experts are experienced in the delicate process of bringing your course back to its original form while minimizing the possibility of any new damage while doing so. Call for a consultation. We also do insurance estimates.

Natural Disaster Restoration

Fusion Golf understands that natural disasters adversely affect a golf course, but we believe that the impact can be mitigated through adequate planning and a proper restoration plan. We also take into account the age of the course and the previous construction techniques when preparing our plans for restoration or reconstruction.
Depending on the extent of the damage, our specialists can help reduce the time the club is non-operational and hasten the profitability timeline.

Fusion Golf has extensive experience in:

  • Consulting with Golf Courses and Insurance companies providing viable estimates and plans for reconstruction and or repair
  • Assessing damage and utilizing the information to create a budget and schedule with milestones to follow and build toward
  • Clean Up and Demolition of Damaged areas
  • Operating specialized equipment in delicate areas to minimize the footprint of damaged areas
  • Historical and Architectural replication. Some courses have architectural and historical value that will need to be rebuilt to the previous design. This is often done with photographs, recreating the original product.
  • Construction Manager at Risk duties

In some cases damaged features may create an opportunity to reconstruct using updated materials and technology that will better hold up to Mother Nature. Sometimes a simple design change may prevent damage in future disasters.

Fusion Golf can accommodate all of your needs, or just a portion, when faced with rebuilding after destructive forces.

Golf Course Restoration