26 Jul 2019

Reinventing Your Golf Course with Professional Bridge Construction

Golf courses come in many shapes and sizes. However, the most gorgeous golf courses and those with the most challenging greens are going to call to the greatest majority of golfers. There are multiple ways to integrate challenges in a golf course. Installation of a new bridge is a great addition to any golf course, both for increasing challenges and improving the course’s aesthetic appeal.

Reinventing Your Golf Course with Professional Bridge Construction

The Design Process

First thing’s first, a great design should be in place before the golf course bridge construction process takes place. Professional designers will work with the course owners to design the bridge, choose the materials, shape, design, and placement. On-site visits, as well as design meetings, should take place prior to construction. This ensures a structurally sound bridge and one which will “wow” visitors and players alike at the golf course.

The Construction

Once a design is in place, expert field teams will visit the golf course to begin the golf course bridge construction process. This includes digging, setting up the foundation, and excavation of nearby areas, to ensure the bridge is structurally sound. Advanced techniques, materials, and equipment are utilized, to ensure the sturdiest construction, and a gorgeous setting once the bridge is complete.

Golf Course Bridge Maintenance and Protection

After constructing the bridge, maintenance is required over the years. Refinishing, polishing, or replacing certain areas of the bridge, might be necessary, given its age, material finish, and size. Our team at Fusion Golf is equipped with the best equipment, and field experts, to perform repair and maintenance work as needed.

Ready to revolutionize the appearance of your golf course? Contact our team at Fusion Golf to begin the design process for your new golf course bridge construction process, and introduce golfers with an entirely new way to play when they visit your course.

16 Nov 2018

Three Points to Consider in Golf Course Bridge Construction

“Boy, I sure do love it when golf course bridge construction is as complicated as possible,” said no one ever. Here are three key points to consider before construction begins to make this project easier.

Three Points to Consider in Golf Course Bridge Construction

Functional Design

Whether you want a copy of Swilcan Bridge from Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland, or a custom-made bridge for your site, make sure the bridge design accommodates the traffic that will be crossing it. If it’s a bridge just for walkers it doesn’t need to be as wide or as structurally reinforced as a bridge intended for golf cart traffic.  Flat, arched, or even hollow tunnel bridges enhance a golf course, but make sure you consider the history and shape of the course when you choose your bridge design.

Quality Materials and Construction

The bridge itself can be constructed from a variety of materials the most common being wood and concrete. Quality stone, composite materials, and metals are also good choices. Make sure you select quality materials that blend naturally with your course and enhance its beauty. Care should be taken during construction to make sure the walkway prevents slipping and tripping.

Structural Integrity and Location

Structural requirements are determined by building codes and experienced designers will make sure local building codes are met. When choosing a location make sure the terrain in the area is able to support the type of bridge you want to build. When selecting the best location for the bridge the biggest concerns are the natural flow of traffic, environmental habitats, natural hazards, and aesthetics.

Golf course bridges add charm and a functional beauty to your golf course. With a regular maintenance program and inspections, your golf course bridge will stay in great shape for years to come. Fusion Golf LTD is an international golf construction company that would like to share our expertise with you and help you build a golf course bridge that will last a lifetime.

24 Aug 2018

Golf Course Bridge Construction: Tips For Buyers

A well-constructed bridge can be a wonderful addition to your golf course. Are you thinking of making a new investment? There are some important things to consider before you start to build.

Golf Course Bridge Construction: Tips For Buyers

Appropriate Design

A well-designed golf course is easily tarnished with a poorly designed bridge. If you don’t take the time to consider the aesthetic of your course, the new addition can easily take away from the intended atmosphere.

The material you use, the structure of the bridge, and the method of installation will all have an impact on your final results. Take the time to give your new bridge the attention it deserves. It’s never too late to ask for the help of a professional, as well!

Is It Budget Safe?

Before stepping too far into the design phase, be sure the new addition is both necessary and affordable. Research local zoning ordinances to ensure the construction meets legal standards. Some structures may require you to purchase a permit to build.

Environmental Impact

Always scope the installation site for critical environmental factors. You’ll need to ensure your new structure is optimized for the landscape without causing a negative impact. Avoid materials made from harsh chemicals which may affect local plant and wildlife.

However, we also need to look for environmental factors that are working against us. For example, running water will erode the construction over time. Humid environments have considerable effects on untreated wood.

Making A Decision

If you’re still not sure where to begin with your new bridge design, you may want to consider the help of a professional. It’s imperative to look for experienced golf course experts in your area. These experts know the local climate better than anyone and can tell you exactly what you need to get started.

Are you ready to build your new bridge? Contact us today!